Publication Planning and Medical Writing​

Science That Enlightens

Science-based storytelling begins by investigating your data and examining the clinical landscape to spotlight key insights.

Our systematic process highlights the unmet need, incorporates the scientific and clinical challenges and opportunities, and examines emerging trends. Our expert scientific strategists start with the patient’s journey, considering the challenges of all of your stakeholders along the way.

Scientific Medical Writing to Fit Your Situation

Our medical content development process easily adapts to a range of client situations. Yours might require an in-depth analysis, or you may need a simple situational review. In each case, we examine:

iLuma-Publication Planning-glow icons-Strategic objectives

Strategic Objectives for the Company and/or Brand

iLuma-Publication Planning-glow icons-Scientific and competitive landscape

The Scientific and Competitive Landscape

iLuma-Publication Planning-glow icons-Relevant market research

Relevant Market Research

iLuma-Publication Planning-glow icons-Clinical development Plans

Clinical Development Plans, Data, and Results

iLuma-Publication Planning-glow icons-Peer Reviewed Literature

Peer-reviewed Literature

iLuma-Publication Planning-glow icons-Product Value Proposition

Product Value Proposition

iLuma-Publication Planning-glow icons-Key Barriers and Gaps

Key Barriers and Gaps

iLuma-Publication Planning-glow icons-Trendlines and Tendencies

Trend Lines and Tendencies

The result?

A clear scientific narrative that spotlights how your pharmaceutical product can make an impact through a precisely focused and persuasive story.

When the story is complete,

we move ahead on promotion, communicating through a range of channels and materials, including:

From journal articles to virtual and live meetings to augmented-reality presentations, you get the medical writing support you need. Your audiences will be connected to a story that
engages their hearts and minds and compels them to action.

We are the publication planning and medical writing agency

with the expertise and experience to show your story in the best possible light.